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Sunday, February 22, 2009

HRC online chat China Daily Beijing

HRC Secretary of State web chat Beijing China Daily
Hillary Clinton online chat China Daily
"The U.S. and China Working Toward Cleaner Energy"
host: Professor Qi Ye
recording location: Beijing, China
recording date: 02/22/2009
English chat w/Chinese subtitles
chat video part one
length: 02:21 min.
size: 3.86 MB
chat video part two
length: 03:05 min.
size: 5.04 MB
chat video part three
length: 02:43 min.
size: 4.46 MB
chat video part four
length: 01:58 min.
size: 3.24 MB
chat video part five
length: 03:09 min.
size: 5.15 MB
download the videos by right-clicking on the links
chat transcript (complete)

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