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Monday, April 21, 2008

TV ad for WWE Raw

WWE Raw screenshot
Clinton Addresses the Fans (WWE Raw)
length: 01:24 min.
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"Hi, I'm Hillary Clinton. But tonight, in honor of the WWE, you can call me Hill-Rod.
This election is starting to feel a lot like "King of the Ring." The only difference? The last man standing may just be a woman. The truth is, this election is so important. The next president will face a stack full of difficult challenges right from the opening bell. to fix the economy, bring our troops home from Iraq, and make college more affordable. You need a president who will go to the mat for you. And that's exactly what I'll do. I've been knocked down, but I've always gotten back up. And I know how to take a hit for the American people. And if things get a little tough, I may even have to deliver the "people's elbow." Because this country is worth fighting for. Now, I promise to stick to the political arena. So don't worry Randy Orton you're safe… for now. When it comes to standing up for the American people though, I am ready to rumble."

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